Harada vs. Valuch 1st Semifinal

Game of the week

Harada, Haruki
Valuch, Alexander

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Game of the Week
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Mendes vs. Mühlbach Final
03.05. - 04.05.2021
Mendes, Enio
Mühlbach, Carlos
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Rossi vs Mühlbach Final
05.05. - 07.05.2021
Rossi, Carlo
Mühlbach, Carlos
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Klein vs Kuzmin Final
10.05. - 11.05.2021
Klein, Dennis
Kuzmin, Fedor
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Mühlbach vs. Cheaib Final
17.05.- 18.05.2021
Mühlbach, Carlos
Cheaib, Dauud
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Klein vs Rinderer Semifinal
24.05. - 25.05.2021
Klein, Dennis
Rinderer, Daniel

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