20.10.2020 Final

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Valuch, Alexander
Qiu, Liang

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Game of the Week
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Kuzmin vs. Cheaib Final
01.05. - 03.05.2019
Kuzmin, Fedor
Cheaib, Dauud
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Kosowski vs. Gavlas Final
08.05. - 10.05.2019
Kosowski, Jakub
Gavlas, Antonin
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Vostes vs. Vrablik Final
13.05. - 14.05.2019
Vostes, Yannick
Vrablik, Jiri
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Horejsi vs. Vostes
15.05. - 17.05.2019
Horejsi, Miroslav
Vostes, Yannick
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Gorak vs. Konecny
20.05. - 21.05.2019
Gorak, Daniel
Konecny, Tomas
Good Morning Challenger Series´s Friends! Today we start at 08:30 CEST with the match of: Sven Happek vs. Dauud Che… https://t.co/HpKwBLOBZF - 4 hours ago

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