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The Challenger Series is the springboard to fame for the future stars of professional table tennis. Challenger Series prize money is 3.090,- € per tournament. The total prize money is 220.000,- € per year.

The management team behind the Challenger Series is always striving to give players all the building blocks needed for a professional career. Not only are the Challenger Series events important for up and coming young talents, but they are a great addition to experienced players‘ arsenal. The Challenger Series is a must-watch for fans that are enthusiastic about full-frontal competition and clashes between generations. Watching first-class matches via live-stream gives the spectator a surge of adrenaline that only table-tennis is able to provide.


The Challenger Series is a trademark of Challenger Series Betriebs GmbH. We are a team of experienced agents, managers and well-chosen experts who look after the sporting interests of the athletes at the Challenger Series.

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