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  • Number of players and matches
    8 players. Each player has minimum 7 matches, maximum 9 matches.
  • Round Robin
    28 matches in the group – best of 5
  • Semifinals
    2 matches – best of 5
  • Finals
    1 match – best of 5
  • Same ratio of wins to losses
    If 2 or more players have gained the same ratios of wins to losses, their relative position shell be determined by their sets their gained in all machtes.
  • Same number of sets
    If 2 or more players have gained the same number of sets then the direct comparison counts! – if the direct comparison is same of 2 or more players then each ball counts.
  • Final tournament
    The 8 best players playing on the final tournament at the end of the year. The players have to play at least on 8 tournaments to take part of the final.


Current TOP 8

1 Vostes, Yannick 896
2 David, Petr 761
3 Horejsi, Miroslav 698
4 Kuzmin, Fedor 552
5 Chtchetinine, Evgueni 533
6 Vrablik, Jiri 512
7 Floras, Robert 439
8 Kosowski, Jakub 392
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