30.09.2022 Final

Game of the week

Bluhm, Florian
Klein, Dennis

hall of fame

Game of the Week
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Nordberg vs. Gavlas
07.09. - 08.09.2020
Nordberg, Hampus
Gavlas, Antonin
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Nordberg vs. Jorgic Final
09.09. - 11.09.2020
Nordberg, Hampus
Jorgic, Darko
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Zeljko vs. Lorentz Final
14.09. - 15.09.2020
Zeljko, Filip
Lorentz, Romain
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Akkuzu vs. Bobocica Final
21.09. - 22.09.2020
Akkuzu, Can
Bobocica, Mihai
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Kosowski vs. Mino Final
23.09. - 25.09.2020
Kosowski, Jakub
Mino, Alberto

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