Dear Challenger Series fans,


we started to play our tournaments again!


Of course we take special measures to keep our players and us healthy. We play tournaments in smaller groups of four players, regularly desinfect the table, balls etc. and implemented special rules at the table like no side changes and we play with two balls, which means every player just makes service with „his“ ball, so he never has to touch the ball of his opponent.


We hope to be able to strike a balance between protection of everyone and the possibility to continue with the Challenger Series.


Additionally, these „special tournaments“ won’t give points, so they don’t count in our ranking to make it fair for all players that aren’t able to play here at the moment!


Please stay safe and healthy in the next weeks and months!


Your Challenger Series Team

The Winner of this tournament! Congratulations Alberto! 🏆🏓💪 - 3 days ago

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